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Learn how to make a textile postcard. It is easy and fun. You can make it out of nearly anything and may substitute my requirements for what you have at home.

How to Make a Textile Postcard

summer postcard

Textile Postcards are really easy to make and a quick way to tell anyone you are thinking of them. In addition there are many online groups who like to
swap postcards with each other. Most of these groups organize swaps based on different themes such as Seasons (see my summer card), abstracts or scenes. There are many different ones.

For this lesson, I will show you how to make a basic card, and from there you can add your own creations. Feel free to share your work and comments with us.

Points to remember when making postcards:

Postcards should be no larger than 4" x 6" and no thicker than ¼".

Embellishments should be attached securely.

When sending your postcard, ask for it to be hand cancelled, to avoid it going through the machines. (be aware, some postal services charge more for this)


These may vary a great deal so you may substitute things I list for something else.

Scraps of fabric - you will need at least two pieces 4" x 6", one of these needs to be pale for the backing so your address is easily read. Other pieces are used for appliqué or piecing. Motifs are great for cutting out.

Thin Batting or Peltex - the fusible kind is great to use but not necessary. Note: If you use batting it is a good idea to use an interfacing pressed onto one side to prevent puckering while stitching.

Fusible webbing

Threads for stitching

Embellishments of any kind - small beads, yarn, decorative thread, sequins, flat buttons, glitter etc

4" x 6" card - index cards work well here or use a cereal box

Fabric Pen for writing address and note on back

Postcard Stamp (optional)


Cut one 4" x 6" rectangle from each of the following:

  • Background fabric - your background can be pieced together if preferred, then cut to size
  • Batting and interfacing OR Peltex
poppies postcard

Press interfacing to batting.

If you are using fusible batting or Peltex, press your background fabric to it. Note: For batting, sandwich batting between interfacing and
background fabric.

For non-fusible batting or Peltex, cut a piece of fusible webbing 4" x 6" and press to back of background fabric, then press background fabric
onto batting or Peltex.

Decorate your background with fabric motifs using webbing to adhere the motif in place. Stitch around motifs to hold in place.
Add any other stitching you wish.
Add embellishments if you like such as beads.


Adding card is optional, however this holds the card firm and makes it easy to write on the address.
Cut a piece of fusible webbing 4" x 6" and press to back of backing fabric.
Press the backing fabric onto one side of card.


Place backing on wrong side of decorated postcard with fabric side out, then stitch both sections together using one
of the following methods.

Stitch around the edge of the postcard approximately 1/8" from all edge. (see two-toned leaf postcard)

Tow-toned leaf postcard

Use a decorative stitch such as zigzag or blanket stitch, stitching just off the edge of the postcard. (see ladybug postcard)

Ladybug postcard

Cut fused strips of fabric and adhere over edge, then stitch in place. Cut strips with a decorative cutting blade for extra interest. (see snow scene postcard)

Winter scene postcard

You may even use a regular quilt binding method. See our two free lessons on quilt binding for this if you need help.


Back of postcard

You may wish to use a Postcard stamp on the back, this is optional. (See picture: back of postcard)

Write the recipients address on the right hand side leaving space at the top for your stamp.

Write your message and address on the left.

Take it to the post office and send it on its way.

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