Poppin Poppies

A four lesson class is great for learning skills of dimensional work along with the basics of machine embroidery.



Briefly: Learn dimensional applique with basic machine embroidery techniques
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet
Finished Size: 19 1/2" X 14 1/2"
Number of Lessons: 4
Skill Level: All

A four lesson class is great for learning skills of dimensional work along with the basics of machine embroidery. The petals of the poppies and leaves are hanging free to give a D3 effect of a real plant and the embroidery gives them character and shape. Now available as a pattern.

  • 4" flower color (poppy)
  • 4" light green (leaves)
  • 12" dark green (leaves, border, binding)
  • Scrap of black (flower center)
  • 12" background fabric A (diamond and outer border)
  • 6" background fabric B (background triangles)
  • FOUR 2" squares in scrap fabric
  • 16" backing
  • 16" compressed batting or similar fine batting
  • 8" fusible web
  • Small piece of interfacing, approx. 2" x 4"
  • Matching and contrasting machine embroidery threads for flowers and leaves. I have chosen four, one the color of the poppy petals, one the color of the poppy centers and two for each green.
  • Small seed beads
  • Neutral colored thread for piecing background
  • Suitable thread for quilting (I prefer to use invisible nylon thread on the top with metrolene overlocking thread for the bobbin) Other threads are acceptable.
  • Sewing Machine and accessories
  • 1/4" machine foot or other method of measuring 1/4" seams (these are mentioned in lesson two)
  • Walking foot and darning foot (optional, but helpful)
  • Machine and hand stitching needles
  • 10" tear-away or similar removable stabilizer, preferably dark in colour
  • Pencil or fabric marker
  • Cutting mat, rotary cutter and rulers
  • Small very sharp scissors, pins and safety pins
  • Baking paper
  • Iron
  • Template Plastic (optional)
  • Quilt sandwich (a layer of two pieces of muslin with batting in between, safety pinned together)   
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