FAQ for Downloads

Question: Where do I find the download I purchased?
As soon as you make a purchase, you are directed to a Thank You page which will have a link to download your pattern.
We also email you the 'Thank You' to your email inbox which includes the link to download your pattern. Please check your spam/junk box if you do not receive this.
Question: I'm having trouble downloading the pattern, is there anything I should do?
Yes, the most important thing to do is turn off any popup blocker. Popup blockers prevent the download window from being seen by you, yet we will not know about it so each time you try, it will appear to us that you have attempted to download the pattern.
Here is a full list of things to try:
  • Ensure that no pop up blockers are enabled
  • Ensure you are using a stable connection - wifi is better than phone data
  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Try a different web browser, as well as private windows to rule out any browser issues
  • Ensure the web browser is up to date and that the latest device software is up to date
  • Try another device, like another computer, tablet, or mobile phone
Question: What if I exceed my download tries?
Don't fear, we will always make sure you receive your purchased pattern. If your download link expires, simply email us and we will send you a new link.