Twisted Patchwork - an online workshop creating multiple designs from one concept

Twists and Turns: The Birth of Four Designs

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Today I am spotlighting one of my online classes which is a combination of four quilts made from the same concept but all quite different. This entire workshop evolved around the four Hoffman Fabrics below.

Hoffman Fabrics used to make one of the quilt designs in Twisted Patchwork 
Hoffman Fabrics ready to begin design process

Taking one block and mixing it up is a great deal of fun and rather addictive.... I do believe each design improved as I went along. The funny thing about this first block was that it became the last quilt I made for the workshop.

Time Square - the first design for Twisted Patchwork workshop
Time Square

So once I had that first block, I began twisting it one way and then another, then I attached a border around the block to add another twist to it thus " Twisted Ribbons " was born.

Twisted Ribbons - the second design in my online workshop Twisted Patchwork
Twisted Ribbons - the second design

Then came the third design which was another twist on Twisted Ribbons block. That became "Ribbon-fest". This one is a favorite of mine as I made it using Hoffman Fabrics and hung in their booth at the International Quilt Market.

Ribbon-fest made with Hoffman Fabrics - the third design
Ribbon-fest was the third design - made for Hoffman Fabric's Booth at market

With three different blocks made using the same technique - a twist on log cabin, my workshop "Twisted Patchwork" was born and the fun thing about this workshop is that cutting the strips does not have to be accurate nor is it necessary to sew a precise 1/4" seam, not until you square up the blocks at the end, so it really is a twist on patchwork... and what's more, you can make the blocks any size thus you can make your quilt as big or as small as you want.

While developing the workshop, I conceived a fourth design utilizing a quarter of the block. Here are the four designs that are covered in the workshop.

four quilt options in Twisted Patchwork workshop
Four design options in Twisted Patchwork

It's been a fun workshop to teach and students have had fun creating the various designs. Below are a few photos I've had sent to me from those who have made the designs:

Jennifer's Twisted Ribbons
Jennifer's Twisted Ribbons

"I had a great time making this quilt, it went together very easily and quickly. Watching the blocks develop with the different angles as you go round and round adding each fabric is very cool. It looks complicated from the picture but Ruth's pattern is fantastic and she walks you through all the steps with great instructions and pictures that are so easy to follow. This pattern is lots of fun to make and there are so many colour combinations that could be used - no two would ever be the same. And guess what.... I didn't have to get fussy about sewing a perfect 1/4 inch seam - no need with this block" .....Jennifer.

Susan's quilt from Twisted Patchwork
Susan's Quilt

"I use the hand dyed fabric I had made in Elizabeth Barton’s dyeing class. I did not have a lot of cloth for lots of blocks, so wanted to make the finished block as large as possible, and only did “small” twists. Thanks for the great classes – enjoying them all." .....Susan

Doreen's quilt from Twisted Ribbons workshop 
Doreen's Quilt

 "It's great, I'm having a lot of fun and the instructions are easy to follow." ... Doreen

If you've made any of these patterns or attended this workshop (live or online), I'd love to see a photo of your quilt too. Please send them to me!

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