small pansy made using hand applique - original pattern pieces from the Pansy BOW flower block

From templates to project - hand applique


Last week, I demonstrated how to use my BOW flower block patterns for hand applique. Since the process is quite simple, this week I decided to use those templates to create a new hand applique block to share with you. In the meantime, if you missed last week's post, you can find it here: Last Blog Post

The one advantage machine applique has over hand applique is the speed in which a block can be made. I could video the whole process of machine applique within an hour or so, not with hand applique though so the following video is broken into sections so it doesn't become slow and boring to watch.

First up, grab your templates, fabrics, scissors, pins, and applique needle. You'll need your layout plan too. (if you need a copy of this, you'll find it here: Pansy Block)


It has taken me the best part of the day to make this block and it is only the smallest pansy of the three, but I'll tell you what, hand applique is so relaxing and enjoyable as well as portable with its small pieces of fabric and minimal tools required.

small pansy block made from the Pansy BOW flower block

I'll finish up later by adding small straight embroidery line around the center.

The video above shows only the basic techniques of hand applique. I have other tutorials on this page: Applique techniques however I can highly recommend Nancy Chong's eBook workshops for learning. She does the most beautiful hand applique and goes into detail about useful tools and various techniques to successfully create amazing quilts. All her eBooks teach hand applique techniques but my favorite is Two Fabric Applique Quilts.

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