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Applique Animals

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So I was looking at Jennifer's "Zoo Friends" eBook and wondering why I haven't made more of these darling little animals. I guess it boils down to me always being too busy designing my own quilts.

Animal Party frog design
You can't help smile right back at him

These are more fun than you can imagine and quick too. It actually took me longer to decide which fabrics to use than it did to make them!

The frog was so cute that I had to make the fish too...

Animal Party fish design
Love those bright colors

And then I couldn't stop there, I had to add my own little touch. With some bubbles for the fish and a fly for the frog.

animal party fish pattern with bubbles  animal party frog pattern with fly

I used fabric pens to draw in the facial features, bubbles, and fly

Since I'm not making the full quilt, I need to use for these blocks for something else.... so I got thinking. With a new grandbaby on the way, a bib jumped to mind - how cute would that be?

bibs made using Animal Party pattern
Two baby's bibs

I changed the drawn features into stitched ones to make them stand out better and also just in case the fabric pen fades with washing.

The pattern is included in Jennifer's eBook for free or if you already have the Animal Party pattern, you can purchase my bib pattern here: Baby Bibs. Wouldn't it be delightful to make quilt and bibs to match - that has to be the most awesome gift you could make for a new born baby .... and they take no time at all.

Oh yeah, did I mention, I only made two of the 13 different animals - I'd love to make them all as they are all so cute.

Animal Party Quilt by Jennifer Houlden
Zoo Friends - 3 different quilts to be made

Download Jennifer's "Zoo Friends" eBook and receive my bib pattern free (bib pattern also includes other appliques including 26 letters of the alphabet)

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