Adding Your Own Twist To A Quilt Pattern

Adding Your Own Twist To A Quilt Pattern

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Do you ever take a pattern and add your own twist to it? It is fun to add your own personal touch and my star runner is an ideal pattern to change. I had a play and came up with some ideas.

The original pattern looks like this...

Changing the hand dyed fabrics out for batiks can make it look like this

table runner quilt pattern with stars and colored border
New Star Runner in Batiks

Adding pointed ends which is easy enough to do with this pattern gives quite a different look.

table runner quilt pattern created in batik fabrics with stars, colored border and pointed ends

You can also use a theme, in this case fabrics I used Fall colors as I was helping my mother make it for a friend and these were her friend's favorite colors.... and we made a shorter version too with less stars.

star runner with less stars and created in fall colors

Of course, you can change a quilt easily by swapping out the quilting design. In the runner above, I quilted a star in the center squares of the star blocks.

Star block from Star Runner pattern with quilted star in center
Can you see the quilted star in the center?

..... and the background is meandered with little star motifs every so often. Here's a closer view:

quilting on star runner - meandering with tiny star motifs
meandering with more stars
Doesn't it look stunning?
short star runner displayed on dining table
A gift for my mother's friend Rosemary

I'm yet to quilt the blue batik runner. Any suggestions what I should do? Please leave a comment below.

table runner quilt pattern created in batik fabrics with stars, colored border and pointed ends

I decided to update the pattern to include the various options that weren't not in the original (3-star runner and pointed ends). If you already purchased it, you will already have received the updated version. Otherwise you can purchase it here: 3-star and 5-star Runner

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Yes Laura, it is a table runner that can be made in various lengths :)


From what I briefly saw this quilt pattern looks like it could also be a table runner made smaller, of course.

Laura Hopkins

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