Pacific Aquarium

This is a four lesson class suitable for all levels.



Briefly: Make an aquarium or a cottage garden, embellishing both by hand and machine.
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet
Number of Lessons: 4
Skill Level: All

This is a four lesson class suitable for all levels. The background was made using basic Bargello techniques. Applique, embroidery and quilting are applied to the background making up the underwater 3-D scene. It is a fun class with lots of different techniques to try and experiment with. This is a great design for the creative student to add his/her personal touch with the addition of other ocean occupants.

Fabric: (Please note, we will be discussing these items in depth and what to select in the first lesson)

  • 25 cm (10") full width of sky fabric
  • 25 cm (10") full width of water fabric
  • 2 strips 1" x 15" OR 1 strip full width of six fabrics in colour run
  • scraps of fabric for seaweed, shells, etc.
  • 40cm (16") Fine batting or Pellon (I prefer a cotton blend to work on)
  • 40 cm (16") backing fabric
  • 40 cm (16") heavy iron-on non-woven interfacing (used to stabilize work to embroider on)
  • neutral thread for piecing
  • assortment of decorative threads (e.g., machine embroidery, rayon, metallic)
  • 25 cm x 25 cm (10" x 10") batting sandwich (one piece of calico and one of heavy interfacing with batting sandwiched between)
  • beads, sheer fabric, scraps of almost anything.

Other Requirements:

  • sewing machine and accessories
  • 1/4" machine foot if you have one or other method of measuring 1/4"
  • darning or free motion foot
  • pencil or fabric marker
  • cutting mat, rotary cutter and rulers
  • scissors
  • fine pins (wedding and lace pins are ideal)
  • soldering Iron (if you have one)
  • Water soluble interfacing (optional) interfacing that dissolves in water
  • Topstitching or Metalfil needle maybe useful
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