Machine Quilting

If you are one of the many quilters who do not know how to finish off your quilt top then we have the answer for you.



Briefly: This class provides the answers to beautifully finished quilts with machine quilting
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet
Number of Lessons: 4
Skill Level: All

If you are one of the many quilters who do not know how to finish off your quilt top then we have the answer for you. Join our online class and learn all you need to know about quilting on your sewing machine. This class teaches you about:

- suitable batting and thread use
- the importance of layering and how to do it correctly
- various ways of quilting, including everyone's favorites Stitch-in-the-ditch and Stipple quilting as well as less commonly known Echo and Contour quilting.
- you will also learn various ways of transferring your quilt design. 

Ruth has over 30 years of experience in quilting and has many tips and tricks to get you underway. She will give you suggestions on how to quilt your already pieced quilt tops. This class is supported not only by detailed text and photos but also videos so you get a bird's eye view of the demonstration, one that you can play over as many times as you need.

Join our quilting class and learn how you can easily quilt the above quilting designs as well as many more. Videos and templates included.

Machine quilting Class: Our upgraded quilting class is for life membership and access to new quilting designs as well as video tutorials on a continuous basis.  Build your supply of quilting designs when you join this class of four lessons.

  • For Sample Block (20" square) - use scraps from your stash.
  • this sample provides areas to do the various different types of quilting for this class. It can be made into a cushion when you have finished so you always have a reference to refer to.
  • NINE 2 1/2" squares of different fabrics - for nine patch
  • THREE 6 1/2" square of plain fabric - lighter fabric is best so you can see your stitching.
  • TWO 12 1/2" x 4 1/2" strips of plain fabric - borders
  • TWO 20 1/2" x 4 1/2" strips of plain fabric - borders
  • TWO small applique motifs or ONE symmetrical shape cut through the middle - can be as simple as a piece of fused fabric

Other requirements:

  • 25" square of cotton or cotton-blend batting (80/20 is fine)
  • 25" square of backing fabric
  • Masking Tape - preferably 1" wide
  • Safety Pins
  • Threads - a variety of threads for practicing including rayon, metallic and invisible nylon
  • Bobbin Thread - bobbin fill or bottom-line thread or similar
  • Sewing Machine with walking foot or equivalent and darning/free-motion foot. Also 1/4" for sewing sample block
  • General quilting supplies such as rotary cutter, rulers, scissors, pins etc
  • Small amount of freezer paper
  • Quilter's pencil or pens for marking fabric
  • Photos of your quilt tops (Optional)
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