Mariner's Compass

The mariner's compass is part of our zodiac quilt.



Briefly: You can make perfect points with foundation piecing. Beginner or advanced project.
Tutor: Ruth Blanchet
Finished Size: 22" x 22"
Number of Lessons: 2
Skill Level: All

The mariner's compass is part of our zodiac quilt. Learn to make this with perfect points using various techniques of Foundation Piecing, taught by Ruth Blanchet in this online class. As part of our class, you can also purchase the full set of zodiac sign patterns to make the quilt "Circle of Life" at half price. (shown below)

Mariner's Compass is approximately 22" square depending on the size of the background you choose or if you make the full Circle of Life project is it 46" square

Requirements for Beginners Block: 
3/8 yd background fabric (dark) 
1/4 yd main point (yellow) 
1/8 yd shadow of main point (yellow 2) 
1/8 yd second point (orange) 
1/8 yd shadow of second point (orange 2) 

Requirements for Advanced Block: 
1/4 yd background 1 (dark) 
3/8 yd background 2 (light) 
1/4 yd main point (yellow 1) 
1/8 yd shadow of main point (yellow 2) 
1/4 yd second point (orange 1) 
1/8 yd shadow of second point (orange 2) 

Additional requirements: 
background square of at least 22" (zodiac center requires 22 1/2" square) 
Any ONE of the following for printing you foundations:
    inexpensive copy paper
    foundation paper
    200 ct cotton muslin
    freezer paper
    Note: All foundations are discussed in full in lesson one giving the
    advantages and disadvantages of using them. You may wish to wait
    before purchasing.
Sewing machine and accessories 
General quilting tools such as rotary cutter, mats, rulers, pins, safety pins, etc 
Thread for quilting & piecing 
Quilting pencil or removable marking pen 
Batting & backing fabric at least 4" larger than finished quilt size 

Requirements for 'Circle of Life' with advanced mariner's compass included: 
Applique Fabric: 2/3 yd (zodiac signs) 
Applique Bg: 2/3 yd (zodiac backgrounds) 
Main background: 1 3/4 yd 
2nd background: 3/8 yd (rings behind compass) 
Point 1a: 1/3 yd (main points & applique stars) 
Point 1b: 1/8 yd (main point shadow) 
Point 2a: 1/3 yd (2nd points & applique stars) 
Point 2b: 1/8 yd (2nd point shadow) 
Binding Fabric: 1/2yd 
1 1/2 yd fusible webbing 
50" square Batting & backing fabric 
Neutral thread for piecing 
Thread for applique & quilting 
Other general quilting supplies

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