How to make a quilt label

This basic tutorial will describe how to make a quilt label using Word 2007. If you have a later version of Word, things might look a little different but the tutorial should still show you the basic steps. If you don't have Word, you can see our latest tutorial for making a quilt label using Open Office (free open-source software) on our blog here: Make a Quilt Label in Open Office Writer

This tutorial uses pictures or clip art surrounded within a border. There are two ways of doing this.

Part One - Quilt Label using a text box

Open a new blank document.

Click: Insert => text box => Simple text box

Note: Microsoft Word highlights the areas you are using (orange area). To help follow the paths, look for the highlights in each picture.insert a simple text box

Click inside the Text box when it appears and type in your desired text.

Select the text you just wrote and click center from the Home menu.resize text box if necessary by moving nodes

Click on the edge of the Text box. You will see little squares in the centers of all sides and in the corners. These are nodes. Click and drag these nodes in or out to make the text box smaller or  larger.

Tip: If line is too long, use the enter key to break it in two.resize text box if necessary by moving nodes

Important: Click outside the text box before doing the next step.

Add a picture or clip art

Insert => clip art => search for "topic" and click go.


Insert => picture. Browse your computer to locate you picture.insert picture or clipart

Click on a clip art to insert it (click on picture and insert). With the clipart/picture selected, you will notice the Format tab is open (if not, click on it). In the Format tab click Text wrapping => tight or tight or square under text wrapping

In the same menu click the drop down arrow next to "Bring to Front" and select "Bring in front of text".bring picture in front of text

Drag the picture over the Text box to the left of the wording.

Make any size adjustments to the text box so the picture fits within it, if necessary (Select the text box and dragging the side/corner nodes in or out as we did above).Drag picture into text box

Repeat for a second clip art.

Use the flip tool to reverse the picture, if desired: Picture Format => Arrange => Rotate Icon => Flip Horizontally.

Make any other adjustments to fit the second clip art within text box.repeat for second clip art, flip horizontally if desired

To add your border:

Select the Text box - click format in menu

Add a border from the Text box Styles.More border optionsadd a border

finished label

You are now ready to print.

Continue to Part Two, an alternative method >>

See our E-book "Printing on Fabric" to learn how to print your new label directly on fabric.

Happy Quilting!

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