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A Day In The Country

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This is a single-bed quilt. It has been a very popular class. It is a six-lesson workshop with extended weeks to allow extra time for completion. There are several different techniques used including blanket stitch applique, foundation piecing, machine embroidery, and dimensional applique. Now available as a block-of-the-month pattern. You can find it here: Country Quilt BOM


I have listed each lesson with a new set of requirements as you may find you have some scraps remaining that can be used in later lessons. Where indicated, extra fabric is listed for some of the block backgrounds in later lessons. 

For all lessons you require: 

Sewing Machine and accessories (although, this can be achieved by hand if wished) 
1/4" Sewing machine foot or another method of stitching accurate 1/4" seam 
A sharp Quilters pencil 
Baking Paper, Teflon Mat or Parchment Paper 
A natural colored thread for piecing 
Machine Embroidery threads (for best results) for stitching with machine or 
Stranded Embroidery threads for stitching by hand to match fabrics for applique shapes 

Materials for lesson one: (heart, sheep, tree, apples) 

8" (20 cm) full width tan fabric for Background One (includes enough for heart, tree and snail blocks) 
8" (20 cm) full width tan fabric for Background Two (includes enough for sheep, apple and hive blocks) 
6" x 24" red for 3 hearts (2" square for each heart) 
7" x 5" green for 2 tree tops, 2 apple leaves 
2" x 3" brown for 2 tree trunks, 2 apple stems 
3" x 6" red/green for 2 apples 
2" x 4" black for 3 sheep heads 
9" x 4" white/grey for 3 sheep & grub 
1/2 yd fusible webbing 
6 seed beads for sheep eyes 

Materials for lesson two: (Square in a Square, Geese, Rooster) 

16" (45 cm) full-width medium green for foreground hills (includes enough for foreground hills in barn block, plus cow and horse backgrounds) 
6" (15 cm) full-width light green for distant hill (includes enough for hills in barn and butterfly panel) 
10" (25cm) full-width tan Background Three for geese blocks (includes enough for wheelbarrow block) 
3" x 15" scrap for centers of Square-in-a-Square blocks (2" motif plus seam allowance works well) 
five 12" x 1-1/2" strips for the second round of Square-in-a-Square blocks 
five 14" x 2-1/2" strips for the third round of Square-in-a-Square blocks 
7 assorted 1-3/4" x 2-3/4" blocks for flying geese 
11" x 14" light blue for rooster background 
5" x 7" off-white for geese 
2-1/2" square rust for geese feet & bill. 
3-1/2" x 2" scrap for flowers 
3" x 5" red for rooster crown & upper wing 
2" x 3" rust for rooster beak & feet 
9" x 8" for rooster body, head & lower wing 
2" x 3" green for flower stems 
2-1/2" x 1" gold for sun 
1/4 yd fusible webbing
three beads for geese and rooster eyes 

Materials for lesson three: (Pieced Star, Barn block, Butterfly Panel) 

11" x 18" dark blue for Sky One and pieced star background 
10" (25 cm) full width medium blue for Sky Three in barn block and butterfly panel 
11" x 14" med/dark blue for sky 
10" x 5-1/2" med/light green for 2nd hill 
5" x 20" gold for stars 
6" x 10" blue for 2 butterflies 
4" x 6" green for 1 butterfly 
2-1/2" square for butterfly bodies 
5" square red for 2 barns 
3" square for doors & window 
7" x 10" brown for branch & trunks 
6" square green for trees & leaves 
1 yd fusible webbing 
3 apple buttons 

Materials for lesson four: (Hive, Cat, Snails, Calves, Cow, Wheelbarrow) 

2" x 3" light gold for owls wings and crown 
3-1/2" x 5" gold for owl and pumpkin 
1" square pale green for cabbage heart 
3" square orange for carrots 
7-1/2" x 11" med brown for branches 
11" square brown for cow 
2-1/2" x 8-1/2" wall fabric 
7" x 7-1/2" black for cat 
20" (50 cm) full-width Background Four fabric for Calf & Cat blocks (includes enough for Scarecrow and Pig backgrounds) 
5-1/2" x 20" dark brown for the fence, beehive stand, pumpkin stem, and wheelbarrow 
4" x 10" cream for udder, horns, cow tail, calf heads, and snail bodies. 
6" x 14" tan for calf bodies, snail shells, and beehive 
10" x 4" green for tree leaves and cabbage leaves 
1 yd fusible webbing
scraps of fabric to practice machine embroidery techniques
several squares of tear-away stabilizer (optional - it may be necessary to stabilize your fabric for machine embroidery) 

3 bee buttons, 4 acorn buttons & 4 beads for calves eyes 
small embroidery hoop 

Materials for lesson five: (Scarecrow Block) 

12" (30 cm) full width red for Scarecrow border (includes enough for first border) 
11-1/2" x 7" dark tan for Scarecrow lower background section 
10" x 3" check fabric for shirt (more is required for stripes) 
4-1/2" x 8" blue for overalls 
2-1/2" square navy for overall patches 
6" x 3" gold for straw hat & hands 
1" square brown for stick 
3" square tan for toadstool stems 
6" x 5" brown for flower centers 
3-1/2" x 5" red for toadstools 
3" square black for bird 
8" x 6" green for front of 3-d leaves 
7" x 5" off-white/grey for head & under toadstools 
15" x 7" dark green for leaves, back of 3-d leaves & stems 
30" x 6" yellow/gold for 5 sunflowers (or 6" square for each) 
30" x 6" light gold for backs of sunflowers 
2 buttons for Scarecrow eyes, Ladybird button, bead for bird’s eye 
1 yd fusible webbing 

Materials for lesson six: (Horse, Pig, borders) 

6" x 5" green for tomato plant 
2" square red for tomatoes 
2-1/2" square pink/tan for pigs head 
6" x 6-1/2" brown for horse 
3" square light green for corn husks 
8" x 5-1/2" green for cornplant 
4-1/2" x 4" dark tan for foal 
4" x 20" background for star blocks 
3" x 12" gold for stars 
3" x 12" red for hearts 
4" square tan for horses manes and tails 
4 1/2" square pink for pigs body & snout 
5" x 20" background for heart blocks 
12" (30 cm) full width fabric for 2nd border 
20" (50 cm) full width fabric for 3rd & 5th border 
Ten 3" full length strips of ten different fabrics for 4th border 
Three 3" x 20" lengths of three different fabrics for 4th border 
9" square tan for Pig background (purchased in part 4) 
12-1/2" x 7" green for Horse background (purchased in part 2) 
12" fabric for 1st border (purchased in part 5) 
60" x 72" backing fabric & batting 
23" (60 cm) binding fabric 
2 beads for horses eyes 
quilting thread 
1/2 yd fusible webbing

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