20 Methods to Finish Your Quilts

Learn 20 different methods of finishing your quilts.



Briefly: Learn many different ways to finish your quilts - includes common to unusual methods
Designer: Ruth Blanchet
Techniques: Non-binding, Square Binding, Decorative Edges, Mitered Binding

cover5aLearn 20 different methods of finishing your quilts. These include the favorite continuous mitered binding, square binding and many more such as facings and decorative methods. Instructions give additional tips and helpful suggestions.

"With over 35 years experience in quilting, I've put together some of my favorite finishing techniques"
...Ruth Blanchet

Ebook Includes:

  • tips, hints, and calculations
  • double & single binding
  • mitered binding
  • straight binding
  • continuous binding
  • machine binding
  • front to back binding
  • inside pageback to front binding
  • raw edge binding
  • binding with wavy inside edge
  • rounded corner binding
  • Irregular shaped edge binding
  • binding with backing fabric
  • binding with decorative edges
  • binding with flange
  • binding with prairie points
  • non-binding methods
  • stitched edge
  • all in one facing
  • pillow facing
  • strip facing
  • barton facing
  • facing with piping
  • embroidery hoop framing
  • stretcher bar framing 








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