52 weeks of quilting from photos

52 Days of Machine Quilting Designs Inspired by Photos

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A few years back, I went on a machine quilting journey. It was 52 days of quilting with 52 different quilting designs created from the photos I took. Join me as you follow my jounery from day 1 through to day 52. You might be inspired into quilting one on your next quilt.... I have to admit, I've used several more than once! 

Machine Quilting Day 1

For the next 52 weeks, once a week I'm going to use photos for quilting designs. I will either use new photos or photos I've already taken. By the end of the year, we will have quite a collection of quilting designs.

Machine Quilting Day 2

Today's is another quilting day which means using a photo to inspire me into a machine quilting design. As I was looking through some photos I found this photo I had taken a while back. It's near Christchurch city, New Zealand from the Port Hills. This was before Christchurch was hit by all those earthquakes - I'm sure it doesn't look quite the same now! 

Machine Quilting Day 3

Every time I go out I try to remember to take my camera with me - it doesn't always happen but I remembered today. I decided it would be a good idea to search for and snap shots of possible quilting inspiration so that's what I had in mind. The one I'm using today was taken when I was almost home again. It's a photo of the road. You wouldn't think I could get quilting inspiration from that, but I did. Those little white bumps on the white lines is what gave me the idea.

Machine Quilting Day 4

Another quilting from photo inspiration day again. Today my photo is of an outside chair back. It has a lattice effect.

Machine Quilting Day 5

Would you have thought to use a tree, bush or plant as inspiration to find a quilting design? That is what I have used today. This shrub was ideal, I could see an obvious quilting design.

Machine Quilting Day 6

Remember Day 1 when I had a photo of bricks that I used as my quilting design? 

Machine Quilting Day 7 

What do strawberries and quilting have in common? The other day I was cutting up some strawberries to eat - they were large so I cut them down the center. As I was doing that, I discovered a cool design inside. Who would have thought to look for a quilting design there?

Machine Quilting Day 8

For my machine quilting days so far, I've been working with mainly fill-in quilting stitches. For the next two weeks, I want to use a more open design which could be developed into an overall quilting design or border design.

Machine Quilting Day 9

Day 9 of our machine quilting by inspiration. Last week I mentioned making larger designs for a border or over all design - an iris was the subject. This week I am continuing on with that same thought using a rose leaf instead.

Machine Quilting Day 10

The most obvious place to look for a quilting design is probably in the fabric you are using to make your quilt. This is especially so if using a floral or print, but you can also find design ideas in batiks and other fabrics.

Machine Quilting Day 11

My machine quilting photo today is palm trees. How could you use this as a quilting design? Maybe a border design? Perhaps a fill-in design?

Machine Quilting Day 12

Last week's photo was of palm trees. I created a quilting design that could be used for a border or over all design using the whole tree...

Machine Quilting Day 13

Today's inspiration photo is something you most likely see a lot - floor tiles. These kitchen floor tiles are various sizes so make for an interesting design.

Machine Quilting Day 14

Day 14 of quilting. As I was walking along the sidewalk near the park I noticed a piece of pine tree broken off laying on the ground. I figured I can make a quilting design of this so snapped a photo.

Machine Quilting Day 15

15 days of machine quilting. Have you tried any of the samples? To review them all over again, you can see them here: Machine Quilting Inspired by Photos

Machine Quilting Day 16

What does Pizza have to do with quilting? Well it's a really good bring-in food when you have a quilty day with your friends - yeah, but that's not what it has to do with today's blog post. Something quite different in fact. As it happened, I was making a pizza the other day for a special occasion and as I was slicing up a tomato for the topping, I thought what a cool quilting design.

Machine Quilting Day 17

As I was out walking today I noticed this rather interesting design along the edge of a building. Fortunately I had my camera with me. I did have to stand at a distance - across the road - from the building to get the photo but luckily I still managed to get a decent photo to work from.

Machine Quilting Day 18

A last minute change of plan happened when I was cutting up a piece of fabric today. You see, I had a photo all picked out ready to turn into a quilting design. That was until I was cutting up the following fabric which I thought had a really cool design which would convert beautifully into a quilting design.

Machine Quilting Day 19

My 19th day of quilting by photo inspiration is a photo of an ivy vine growing over a wall.

Machine Quilting Day 20

As I was out walking I was looking for quilting inspiration again. It is quite amazing where you can find designs. This design was on a archway in a park.

Machine Quilting Day 21

Today's quilting inspirational photo is of a seed pod I saw hanging in a tree. I thought this could make an interesting design.

Machine Quilting 22

Last week I was out socializing and happened to be entering a building with this really cool display. I was pleased to have my camera with me.

Machine Quilting Day 23

So what do waffles have in common with quilting other than they make an excellent way to start a quilting day? Add a little cottage cheese with some canned or fresh fruit and you have a wonderful breakfast. It also makes for an interesting quilting design. 

Machine Quilting Day 24

Inspiration in the pantry? I was fixing pasta for my dinner today when I thought, hey the farfalle would make a pretty good quilt design so I photographed it.

Machine Quilting Day 25

Today I decided to go back to the pantry to find a design to quilt. I wasn't having much luck, especially when a can of tomatoes fell on my finger - ouch! That ones going to be black in the morning.

Machine Quilting Day 26

The other day when I was making my latest flower block I thought the dahlia would make a really cool quilting design. I liked this flower in particular so thought I'd use this photo today and create a double petal design.

Machine Quilting Day 27

We are now halfway through our 52 weeks of machine quilting by photo inspiration. Today's photo is of a curved wooden chair. I capture a leaf design and then transferred that into quilting.

Machine Quilting Day 28

Whenever I am out walking, I look for designs. Designs for quilting or ideas for making a quilt. I always try to take my camera to capture images so I remember them.

Machine Quilting Day 29

Today's photo is of a monarch butterfly. I have to admit it took me many shots to get one okay photo to use. I didn't use the actual photo image but I did use the photo for inspiration to create a butterfly design.

Machine Quilting Day 30

I love the design in paua shells. Paua is the Maori name given to a species of large edible sea molluscs, otherwise known as Abalone. The photo I am using today is not actually a paua shell but a garden ornament that represents a paua shell.

Machine Quilting Day 31

I love the morning glory shape and design it forms so I thought this would make a great quilting design.

Machine Quilting Day 32

I've been back in the pantry. Today I crumbed a chicken breast for my dinner and noticed the wheat design on the breadcrumb container. I thought this would make a good quilting design.

Machine Quilting Day 33

While out shopping I saw this really cool packaging design. I thought it would make a very different quilting design so snapped a photo.

Machine Quilting Day 34

This week's inspiration is a cactus plant. I used the idea on a small scale, but thinking about it further, I wonder how it would look starting out in the center of a large quilt and working your way out to the edge.

Machine Quilting Day 35

Another Wednesday of quilting, 36 weeks in a row in fact. My photo this week is sea foam. This photo was taken while traveling on the interislander between the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Machine Quilting Day 36

Back to the garden I go for machine quilting ideas. I love the shape of these leaves and the color is great too, just different than the usual green shades.

Machine Quilting Day 37

A few weeks back I made the Lupin flower block. Do you remember it?

Machine Quilting Day 38

I've been back to the pantry looking for quilting ideas. As it happened this week while shopping I bought same elbow noodles. I thought this could make an interesting design.

Machine Quilting Day 39

Sweet! I'm up to 39 days of quilting. That means I have quilted each week for 39 weeks in a row, just 13 days left to complete an entire year of quilting weekly. What fun. Talking about sweets, my favorite sweet (or candy as known in America) are hard boiled sweets. I am particularly found of Coffee Werthers.

Machine Quilting Day 40

If you are a follwer of my blog you will probably know by now that I have a great passion for Hoffman Fabrics. I was recently making a quilt with Bali Pops and charm squares and the design in one of the fabrics started me thinking "What a great quilting inspiration this is".

Machine Quilting 41

I finally found a way to download photos from my old phone. Always wondered how I could do that! In the process I found a photo to use for today's quilting inspiration. I'm sure you will recognize this icon.

Machine Quilting 42

This photo is one I pulled out of my files, taken quite some time ago. I just love the design along the freeway. I could really see this as a creative design in a whole quilt, not just a quilting design, but today I am quilting.

Machine Quilting 43

While out walking I found this beautiful leaf just waiting for me to make a quilting design from <grin> I had to pick it up and carefully carry it home, being an autumn leaf it was rather delicate. I love the colors in it, but more importantly, it was the ideal design that I was looking for to quilt on the quilt I'm currently working on.

Machine Quilting 44

Day 44 in quilting... I'm sure if you know anything at all about quilting then you have heard of feather quilting. Today I have a photo of a feather. Of course it doesn't look anything like the feather quilting design.

Machine Quilting 45

Today as I was walking home I found a pinecone on the side of the road and decided that could be an idea for quilting, especially for a Christmas design or autumn too for that matter.

Machine Quilting 46

Pretty much every day I am on the computer using some sort of graphics, text or photos. Every day I write in some form (blogs are a good example), so I thought why didn't I think about this as a quilting idea before. Fonts. Selecting the right fonts can make excellent quilting. I decided to target one word and write it in one of my programs.

Machine Quilting 47

Yesterday I gave out my ripe for yummy pumpkin soup, today I'm going to use that same pumpkin as a quilting design. I used a straight bird's eye view of the top of the pumpkin to create my design.

Machine Quilting 48

This week's photo is a little difficult to see, so it would be easier to go in search of one and study it. I'm talking about a cobweb. We all have an idea of what one looks like, but have you really studied one up close? They are amazing. You can see how interwoven they can be.

Machine Quilting 49

I was out shopping and bought some cookie cutters for a project I wanted to make - no not cookies believe it or not - when I decided that these cookie cutters would make really cool quilting designs. There were six cutters in the pack, but I decided just to make one into a design.

Machine Quilting 50

This has to be a milestone, 50 weeks worth of machine quilting with a different post and photo of inspiration each week. Last week I showed how I used my cookie cutters for inspiration. This week we will continue with the Christmas theme. Now I know you've all seen one of these. Have you thought to use it as inspiration for quilting?

Machine Quilting 51

Over the last few weeks I've been using Christmas themed photos for inspiration in quilting. First I used the bell cookie cutter and second I used a real Christmas tree. This week I'm going to use a stack of Christmas gifts.

Machine Quilting 52

My 52nd day of quilting designs. Woo Hoo I made it! Today's inspirational photo is of a wire frame design which is a decoration above a door however could also be used as a hanger for a small quilt.

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