Bargello quilt patterns

Bargello quilts stem from needlepoint. History shows bargello needlepoint designs as far back as the 16th century, at which time it was known as Florentine, Flame or Hungarian stitch. Knitters first borrowed the design for afghans in the 1960's. In more recent years, it has been adapted as a quilting technique. Since we are able to use fabrics with texture and motifs, rather than solid colored yarns, there are endless possibilities to what we can do with bargello quilting designs. 

Many of our bargello quilt patterns are for the advanced quilter, however we do have several bargello designs ideal for the beginner quilter. Try our Bargello seasons series such as Bargello in Summer or Bargello in Winter. Both these bargello patterns are ideal for getting you started in Bargello creations, something we know you will soon become addicted too. We also have a number of online classes available for our Bargello patterns. Our beginner's course is Bargello Seasons which has four Bargello quilts, one for each season. Our Bargello Blue's class teaches you the advanced techniques including how to create your very own bargello quilt.

Be sure to come back to this page in the future as more bargello designs become available.


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